map of the Hospice Trail

Battle to to Robertsbridge

Walk no: 13

Length: 6.5 miles

A 6.5 mile linear walk from Battle rail station to Robertsbridge rail station forming the 13th stretch of the Sussex Hospices Trail. This route takes you through the streets of the historically important Battle before heading north to join tranquil paths through beautiful stretches of woodland. Having passed through the village of Mountfield, with its beautiful church, the route continues north through the rolling parkland of the Mountfield Court Estate, with stunning views, to reach the small village of Robertsbridge. The return leg can be completed with a single 8 minute train journey.


This stretch has long climbs and descents throughout, but there are no particularly steep sections. The paths, particularly through the woodlands and meadows, can be very muddy at times so good boots are a must (or wellingtons with grips in the wet winter months). There are a couple of sections that are prone to becoming overgrown in the late summer, but these are very short. You will need to negotiate several gates, footbridges and 9 stiles (all of which have dog gates or gaps in the fencing for Labrador-size dogs to climbs through, but two of the stiles are very tall so lifting larger dogs over will be a real challenge!). Whilst most of the route is livestock-free, you will cross two fields that are likely to be holding sheep and cattle. The cattle were very relaxed when we walked and the field is very large (allowing you to give them a wide berth), but take care with dogs all the same. You will need to cross a quarry railway at an unsignalled crossing so look and listen for trains before you cross. A small stretch of the route also crosses the former Battle Golf Course (closed in 2016) so, if this has re-opened, take care at this point. Allow 3.5 hours.


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