map of the Hospice Trail

Barnham to Arundel

Walk no: 2

Length: 6 miles

A 6 mile linear walk from Barnham rail station to Arundel rail station in West Sussex, forming the second stretch of the Sussex Hospices Trail. The route heads north across flower farms and arable fields to reach Walberton, home of The Sussex Snowdrop Trust, before continuing through woodland and arable fields to reach Arundel where you will have chance to explore the cathedral and castle. You will enjoy a charming village, enchanting woodlands and a lovely stretch of the River Arun along the way. The return leg can be completed with a single 10 minute train journey.


The walking route from Barnham to Arundel has just gentle slopes for the most part, plus one steeper climb within Arundel. The paths across farmland and through woodland can be very muddy at times so stout boots are recommended (or wellingtons with grips in the wet winter months). There are a few road crossings that need care and one stretch of the route also crosses a golf course so please show respect for the golfers by allowing them to play their shots before you cross and look out for any stray flying golf balls. You will need to negotiate some steps and several kissing gates (some of which are tight so be prepared to breathe in!) but there are no stiles on route. Toilets are available at the rail stations at each end and if you are looking for refreshments there are several shops and pubs in Barnham, Walberton and Arundel. Allow 3 hours.


Full turn by turn instructions are provided on the iFootpath App

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