Walk 14 Robertsbridge to Etchingham

On leaving Robertsbridge Station the trail took me on a path between some houses and fairly soon I was through a kissing gate and back in the picturesque rolling countryside.

There were some splendid views across the Rother Valley and some very old and impressive oak trees.  I ambled along through fields and woods across little bridges where the water running in the streams was bright orange – I believe this is due to deposits of clay and iron ore and I resolved to find out a bit more about this when I get the chance. 

In my guide notes – which were written five years ago – it was mentioned that when I reached Squibs Farm I might come across barking dogs behind a fence and was amazed and amused to find that they were still there and still barking!

The approach to Etchingham across a field gives a great view of the impressive Etchingham Church. Henry Corbould, who designed the The Penny Black stamp, is buried in the churchyard. 


A welcome party greeted me on my arrival at Etchingham Station made up of Felicity Whitehead and her Dachshund, Digby, along with Julie and Paul, the owners of the [email protected] station.

The creation of this stretch of the Trail was  made possible by the kind donation of Harriet and John Phipson (walking below) who have sponsored this section as it’s the one nearest to their home.

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